Monday, November 18, 2019

Rewriting a Disertation proposal Problem Statement Essay

Rewriting a Disertation proposal Problem Statement - Essay Example There have been a number of issues that lead to the marriages breaking up and ending up as divorces. The main question that needs to be answered is the techniques and steps taken by the Christian couples to sustain the long term marriages and the romance in their relationships. The main focus and problem that is aimed at being answered is the issues that the Christian couples have been through and how they navigate out of the issues and form a strong and strong committed relationship. Also another one of the main issues that have been faced in the current times is the weight that people give to various factors like fear, religious duties, companionate love and passionate love and the relationship that these have to the romance that people share with their better half. The reason why love develops between couples can provide a basis upon which continuing appreciation and admiration can support the marriage. The paper provides a clear understanding of the issues that are faced each day and the research brings out how couples have worked through their issues to resolve the problems and sustain their romance in the long term successful

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